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             Mango Shake 

mango , aam , milk , dry fruits, health drink, vanilla  ice cream
 Mango shake

I am feeling hungry and thirsty, just  craving  to  have  some healthy refreshment. What else can be better than mango shake. One glass of mango  shake is enough to satisfy my appetite.
Let me check if there is  chilled milk   and  mangoes are there  in the fridge ,oh yes.... its there in the fridge  so... what are we waiting for ... lets make mango shake   :)

 Category-  cold drink

 People - 2
 Time - 5-10 minutes.

 Ingredients - 

  • Ripe Mango  pieces- 1 cup
  • Chilled  Milk - 1 glass
  • Sugar - 4-6  tea spoon
  • Ice cubes-10
  • Chopped dry fruits -as per your choice
  • Vanilla ice cream (optional)-1 table spoon
    Method -
    Put chopped ripe  mangoes, sugar, chilled milk , ice cubes  in the mixer grinder and grind it well  for  1-2 minutes. open the jar , adjust  sugar  and thickness of the mango shake.  Pour out in the Glasses, garnish it with our  favourite chopped dry fruits. 
    It you want  to make your  Mango  shake tastier, just add one table spoon of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy it chilled.
     milk, mango, dry fruits,
     Mango shake


    Happy Cooking!!!
      Arshia Zaidi


                                               Rooh Afza Milk Shake, 

    hamdard, rooh afza, health drink , cold drink,  milk, ice
    Rooh Afza Milk Shake,  
    My  husband  Alam is very fond of Rooh Afza . He  always  prefer to drink  this  squash  which is made  with fruits, herbs, vegetables, flowers  and roots  extracts. 
    This specific unani recipe of Rooh Afza is a combination  of  several  popularly- believed cooling  agents and used as remedy for  hot summer winds. 
    Many other companies have  tried this formula but no body  could beat the taste  and elixir of  original Rooh Afza. 
    Rooh Afza is formulated  by great Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1906 in Ghaziabad (India), manufactured by the companies (Hamdard (waqf) Laboratories) founded by him  and his sons.
    Milk shakes with  Rooh afza  gives  great relief in the scorching heat of summer. It's a very popular drink in Ramzan. (source- wikipedia) 
    In this  holy month  of Ramadan  this  pink colour milk shake is specially for you from my  mother's kitchen. 

    Category -beverage
    People -2
    Time - 5 min.  

    Hamdard, milk , drink for summer milk, ice
     Rooh Afza Milk Shake
    • Chilled Milk-  1 glass
    • Rooh Afza - 2 table  spoon(full)
    • Ice (crushed)- 4 table spoon

      Method -  
    Pour Chilled  Milk, Rooh Afza, crushed Ice in the mixer grinder  and grind it well altogether for one minutes . Pour out this chilled pink milk shake  in  glasses .
    Enjoy  the  great taste of  Rooh Afza milk shake and beat the heat in the summer.

    Happy cooking!!!
    Arshia Zaidi 

                                                    Aam panna (Mango drink with  mint leaves)

    Indian drinks, drinks for heat strocks,Best Indian Drinks
      Mango drink with  mint leaves
    (Aam panna )

    When the Mercury is hitting high in the month of May ,what else can be better then Desi Aam Panna which can be best remedy for Heat  stroke and avoid Dehydration.
    Some people like sweet and sour taste. some other people like only sour taste.... as.... I am one of them. I make Aam Panna in totally desi style. Here  is the  recipe  of  Aam panna . 

    Category- Beverages
    People- 6-8 

    Time -15 min
     mango , aam

    •  Raw mango- 2 small size
    •  Mint -20 leaves( 1  big bunch)
    •  Black salt- 1/2 tea spoon
       mango, aam
    •  Black pepper-  1/2 tea spoon 
    •  Asafoetida (Heeng)- 1/4 tea spoon
    •  Plain salt- 1/2   tea spoon

    How to Make-
    Take raw mango ,wash well and roast it on the  flame, or in microwave as its green skin turn black from all sides.when it gets cool peel it off. Cut into pieces,and put them into mixer grinder with Mint leaves ,Heengblack salt, black paper  and plain salt, grind it well as its come out in smooth texture. Mix it well altogether. Its  done .
    You can store it in the fridge .When ever you want to  drink this  chatpata  Aam panna,  Add  2 tea  spoon of  Aam Panna  in  one  glass of  chilled  water, adjust  salt as per your taste. Enjoy it any time  to prevent your self from heat stroke .

      Indian summer drink, Mango drink
      Mango drink with  mint leaves
    (Aam panna )
    Happy cooking!!!
    Arshia zaidi 

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