Sweet Dishes

               19.    Kali Gajar Halwa(Black Carrot Halwa) 
sweet dishes/ Indian desserts, carrot, gajar
 Kali Gajar Halwa(Black Carrot Halwa) 

Last winter Daddy asked me to cook kali Gajar ka Halwa But At that time Black carrot was not available in the market so I could not make it . This winter when I saw it in the market, I bought it with out any delay. I have cooked and tasted this halwa  for the first time . It's  like melting in your mouth....Awesome flavour, Awesome taste.
Daddy liked it so much. he told me that my great Grand mother Mrs. Kaneez Haider used to serve him this Halwa during the exams due to its nutritious values and mood elevator taste. 

Category - Desserts
Time - 45 minutes
People- 8

  •  Black Carrot- 1 k.g
  •  Full cream Milk - 1 ltr.
  •  Sugar- 2 serving spoons.
  •  Fresh Malai or cream to Garnish
How to Cook -

Wash and Peel Black Carrot. Grate  and let it Boil and cook with milk .Stir it time to time or it will burn on the bottom of the pan. Parch it well .Its done . Enjoy it with fresh Malai or cream.

 Kali Gajar Halwa(Black Carrot Halwa) 

 Happy Cooking!!!
 Arshia Zaidi            



                                             18-  White Rasgulla                

Indian sweets , bangali mithai, rasgulla , safed rasgulla,
White Spongy Rasgulla

May the festival of light brings cheer and happiness in all my readers life .Happy Diwali.
on the auspicious occasion of Diwali here is the recipe of spongy white Rasgulla for all of you. It's very very easy to make it at home with least time .

Category - Desserts/ Sweets
Time - 1/2 hour
People- 4


  • Milk -1 ltr
  • Sugar-1 cup 
  • Vinegar / lemon juice-2 tea spoon 
  • White Ilayachi powder-1/2 tea spoon

How to Cook 

Curdle the boiling Milk with vinegar or lemon juice and filter it with sieve. Rinse It with cold water and keep it aside for few minutes . Now squeeze it and grind it in mixer grinder or you can kneed it with your hands to get the creamy texture .

Make sugar syrup with four cup water, one cup of sugar (you can add more sugar according to your taste.) and ilayachi powder.Boil it at least for ten minutes. Add carefully chenna /Paneer balls in boiling sugar syrup. and cook it on the  medium  flame for 10 minutes . Turn off the heat . Make it chilled in the fridge and enjoy Home made spongy white Rasgulla any time. 

Indian sweets , bangali mithai, rasgulla , safed rasgulla,
White Spongy Rasgulla

Happy Cooking!!! 
Arshia Zaidi


17-Suji Qatli

Suji ki Qatli

 On  the festival  of  Shab e Barat when I cooked  Suji ki Qatli, I was a little bit nervous as I am not expert to cook this dish.It was a difficult task for me. I was missing Mummy badly as she always  cooked   best  Suji  ki  qatli.But I tried and it came out delicious.

Here is the recipe.....

Time-1/2  hour
Category- Sweet dish


  • Semolina /Suji - 250 k.g
  • Sugar- 250  k.g
  • Water - 3 glass( For sugar  syrup)
  • Pure Ghee / Refind oil- 2 table spoon
  • Grated Coconut -1 cup
  • Chirounji- 2 table spoon
  • kishmish(Raisins) - 2 table spoon 

How to cook 

Heat  a thick bottom  pan or khadhai ,roast  Suji in oil or ghee till it turn golden brown  on the low  flame .Take it out in the bowl , mix sugar  and cook it  approx 40 min  to  make it thick ( when you see chashni is  coming  out  as a thick drop (ek taar ki  chashani) then you add  roasted suji  in the sugar syrup  and cook it for few minutes. 
In between apply some oil on the steel  tray  or plate) and pour out mixture of  halwa  on the tray ( you have to be very quick  to spread  halwa on the tray other wise it will  turn  hard ) garnish it with some more coconut  and raisins. cut it into pieces, and let it cool.Its  done .
Semolina /Suji sweet dish  suji ka halwa.
Suji (Semolina) ki Qatli
You can  store this dry sooji ki qatli for a long time When ever you want to  eat Sooji ka geela halwa  put it  in the pan , add some water and  cook it. Suji ka Halwa is ready for you. 

Happy Cooking !!!
Arshia Zaidi

16-  Bajre-Til  aur Gud ke Ladoo

  Bajre-Til - Gud ke Ladoo

Bajre Aur Til  ke Ladoo....  a traditional  and  economical  high energy dessert of winter which  any body  can  make  easily .

Here is the recipe 

 Category-  Indian  Dessert

 Time-20 minutes

 Ingredients - 

  • Bajra Aataa(Millet Flour)1/2 k.g
  • Refind oil- 1 tbl spoon
  • Gur/Gud(Jaggery)-1/2 k.g
  • Safed Til (white sesame seeds)- 250 g.m (1 glass            approx)

 How to do -

Take heavy  bottom khadhai  or big vessel, Roast White Til
 on the  low flame , when it turn little brown , take it out in the  plate, then roast  Bajra  Aata  with  one table spoon refind oil on the low flame, when it turn  slightly  in golden brown colour, take  it out in the plate , and melt gur with one  cup of water  in the khadhai , when it comes to boil, mix  roasted bajra  Aata  and white roasted til, and mix it well  altogether. Cook it on the low heat  for five  min. then turn off the heat. Make ladoo out of this  mixture and enjoy it  any time.  

 Bajre-Til -Gud ke Ladoo

Happy Cooking !!!
Arshia Zaidi 

15-     Sakarqandi ki kheer 

 Sakarqandi ki kheer 

We avoid to eat  sweet potatoes  as it is very rich  in  carbohydrates  but  this root vegetable is  an important source of  vitamin A, which is important  for healthy vision. It is also a good source of proteins  and fiber. 

Few days ago I tasted Sakarqandi ki kheer ,which was really very delicious ,Till now i had eaten  roasted  and boiled sweet potatoes but never tasted a dessert made from milk and sweet potatoes.
I would love to share  this tasty recipe  with all of you.  Hope you would  love it . 

 Category- Indian dessert 
 Time - 1/2 hour 
 People- 2

  •  Sweet  potatoes-250 g.m  ( boiled and  paste )
  •  Milk ( full cream ) - 2 cup
  •  Sugar - 1 table  spoon
  •  Chopped dry fruits to garnish  

How to make sakarqandi ki kheer 

Wash, peel and boil sweet potatoes,  grind it in the mixer grinder and make paste of it .Mix it well with milk , make sure there should  be  no  lump  left  of  sakarqandi  paste. Cook it on the low flame ..... and stir time to time .  When  milk comes to boil add  sugar and   boil it  again on  the low flame till it gets  little  thick. Turn  off the heat. 
Let the kheer cool ,garnish it with your favourite  dry fruits and enjoy.

 Sakarqandi ki kheer 

Happy Cooking!!!
Arshia Zaidi 

14- Meethi  Poori 

Meethi  poori is  my Daddy's favourite dish , I remember when my Mummy was alive , he often used to demand her to cook Meethi Poori for him.
Earlier I have published meethi roti recipe which you liked a lot Now  you  enjoy the taste  of  Meethi poori  from my mother's kitchen.  

Its a good  dry snack which  you can carry while  travelling .   

 Best Indian breakfast, meethi  poori,  Indian Snacks

  Category - snack/ dessert
  People- 4
 Time- 15-20 min.


  • Sugar-1 cup
  • Whole wheat flour-4 cup (full)
  • Refined oil-2 table spoon
  • Water-1- cup
  • Salt-1/2 t.s
  • Ajwain(trachyspermum ammi)-1/4 tea spoon
  • Oil to fry 

How to do

Make a solution of  sugar,  salt in the above mentioned 1 cup of water. Mix well  Wheat flour , refined oil and  ajwainin  and  
knead the flour  in prepared lukewarm solution .
Please remember dough should be soft enough to roll a roti
Heat the oil in the pan , make medium  size  balls  out of the dough then roll a roti  and  fry it in the hot oil till it  turns light brown.
Enjoy this sweet snack with a cup of tea .  

Happy Cooking!!!
Arshia Zaidi


       13-   Maleeda (Dessert of Stale Bread )

bread/ sugar

                Maleeda (Dessert of Stale Bread )

I had  just  finished to  make   chapaties  for  meal, as I got  a call  from  my aunt  who  was  inviting  us for  small  celebration  at  her  residence ....
 It was a must  go  invitation ... which  means  we  are not  going to have  meal  tonight at home .
 Next day  I  made  sweet  snack  from  left  over  roties ( Indian  bread) called  Maleeda. This is a very good use of  stale  bread . When ever  you  have  left over  roties, do not waste it   and  make this  delicious  sweet snack which  is quick,  simple , and   easy to  make .

Category-  sweet snacks
 People- 2
 Time - 15 min. 


  • Basi  roti ( Stale  Indian Bread) - 6 
  • (crushed) 
  • Sugar- 1-1/2  table spoon ( Full) 
  • Salt- 1 pinch 
  • Cooking Oil-  2  table  spoon
  • Fresh Milk cream to  add flavour(optional) 


Heat the  cooking oil in the  pan , mix  crushed stale  bread , (you can  use  mixer grinder to crush  stale  bread) stir well  and roast it  nicely  on the  low  heat  till it turns  golden brown, (5-7 min. approx).  Add  pinch of salt  and  sugar ,  and mix it well  with  roasted crushed bread. When sugar started melting , turn off the heat, Maleeda (crushed stale  bread sweet snacks)  is done . 

Maleeda (Dessert of Stale Bread )

Enjoy it  with  some  fresh milk cream.   

Happy Cooking !!!
Arshia Zaidi


                                  12-Ande ka halwa 

Ande ka halwa (egg dessert)

After Egg curry , there is one more  egg recipe for  you . It's Egg dessert..... Ande ka halwa
which is awesome in taste and  quick to  make.  

 Category- eggetarian
 People - 4
 Time 5-10 min.


  •  Eggs- 6 
  •  Sugar - 10 tea spoon
  •  Cooking oil- 1 table spoon
  •  Green Cardamom/ Hari Ilayachi to garnish 


Crack eggs in the bowl, add sugar , beat them well  for few minutes as it should be well mixed altogether. Heat the cooking oil in   frying pan and pour the Egg liquid in the oil. keep  stirring continuously as there should be  no lump  left. when it turn into  golden  brown  in colour , turn off the heat , take out  halwa in small bowls and serve it hot . 
ande ka meetha halwa ( Indian desserts)
Ande ka halwa (egg dessert)

Happy Cooking!!!
 Arshia Zaidi 


11- Meethi Tikiyaan(Fried Sweet Bread) 

nazr, koondey ki nazr, 22 rajab
Meethi Tikiyaan/ Fried sweet bread,
Every year I eagerly wait for 22 rajab to enjoy this delicious meethi Tikiyaan. It  is popularly  known  as  koondey  ki nazr (offering or  to make spiritual vow.) . It has  been  dedicated to the memory  of  our Imam Jafar- e- Sadiq a.s.

It is believed  that this  Nazr (offering or  to make spiritual vow.) brings prosperity and remove hardships  in  the family .This custom is a social get together, as people go to each other house to eat this Nazr which brings  them  together.
Here is the recipe  of Meethi tikiyaan  for you from my mother's  kitchen .

Category- sweet dish

Time-1 hour


  • Maida flour- 1-1/2 k.g 
  • Sugar(powder) - 600 g.m
  • White Sesame seeds( Safed Til)-100 g.m (roasted)
  • Refind oil- 250 g.m (to mix in maida flour)
  • Full cream milk- 250 g.m, (1 glass)
  • Coconut powder - 100 g.m
  • Badi illyach (crushed- 1 table spoon 
  • Suji- 250 g.m
  • kewada  water -1 tea spoon
  • Cooking oil to fry 

How to do 

Mix well coconut powder, sugar powdercrushed badi illayachi , refind oil (250 g.m) , safed  til (sea same seeds) keweda water, milk  in maida flour and make a dough. keep it aside  for 1/2 hour.
Heat the cooking oil/ ghee in the deep pan .Take a big loaf of  dough , make a big size of roti ( bread) and  cut  into small size of tikiyaan  from the glass  edge. keep it in the oil applied plate as it will not stick in the plate.
Fry these tikiyaan/ poori on the medium flame till it turn  golden brown. Delicious Meethi tikiyaan / poori  is ready.
You can preserve it in the fridge  for a week or so... enjoy it any time.... its soooooooooooo delicious. 
koondey ki nazr, 22 rajab nazr, meethi tikiyaan ki nazr.
Meethi Tikiyaan/ fried sweet bread

Happy Cooking !!!

Arshia Zaidi 


10-Meetha Dalia( Sweet Broken Wheat Porridge)

best Indian snacks, best Indian sweet dishes
  Sweet Broken Wheat Porridge ( Meetha Dalia )

When ever I want to  have some thing light , some thing very delicious  in  my  breakfast .... I   prefer to have Broken wheat  sweet porridge (Dalia). Its  healthy & delicious as well.  Its a perfect  start  to begin my day.

When I plan to cook Dalia in the morning I  soak it in water over night  .It takes  hardly  5 min.  to cook in the pan then.  
you can try ......   


   For 2-3 people

  Cooking time 10-15 min. 


  • Broken  wheat (Dalia)- 3 table spoon (roasted &soaked in Water for at least 1/2 an hour.  
  • Sugar- 4 tea spoon /or jaggery- small piece
  • Milk- 2 cup

Method -

Clean  Dalia  & roast  it  with out oil on the low flame .When it turn  golden brown,  add  one cup of water and soak it at least for 1/2 an hour. .Now bring it to one  whistle in the pressure  cooker on the low flame . Turn off the heat. Open the lid and mix  sugar and milk in dalia. Bring it to boil again and adjust the sugar  according to your taste. if you  are  adding   jaggery .....then  do not mix it  along with milk , other wise it will turn sour,  add milk .... after the jaggery is  melted  with the  dalia  
best Indian snacks, best Indian sweet dishes
Sweet Broken Wheat Porridge 
( Meetha  Dalia )
Your healthy  and   light  breakfast is ready   
Happy Cooking !!!
Arshia Zaidi 



 9- Zarda (Yellow Sweet  Rice) 

 meethe chawal , rice , muslim recipes ,  zarda - biryani
Zarda / Yellow Sweet Rice 

Zarda or Yellow Sweet  rice is one of  the most famous  dish among Muslim feast. People  prefer to  have  it as a sweet  dish  but   some time  they  enjoy  the  mix  taste of  Zarda  and Biryani also. love both tastes  and have a great  temptation for this dessert ... if  you are  fond of   sweet dishes... this dish is specially for  you.


  •  Basmati Rice -2 cup (soaked in water for one hour)
  •   Sugar- 1 cup
  •   Salt- 1/4 tea spoon 
  •   Pure ghee/ refind  oil - 2 table spoon
  •   Clove  3-4
  •   White cardamom- 5-6 
  •   Orange  peel-  chopped- 1/2 tea spoon 
  •   Curd- (fresh - not sour)-1 table spoon  or Full cream milk- 1/2 cup
  •   Yellow food colour- 1/4 spoon 
  •   Dry fruits-  as per your choice 

How to cook -  
Put  two cup of  water in the  vessel .... add  soaked rice , salt , yellow colour  and chopped  orange  peel  in  the  water  and make it to  boil till  the  rice is half cooked.Now drain  water, and keep the  yellow rice in the  sieve.
Take a  deep pan  and put a  thin  layer of  half  cooked  rice  in the vessel, then  make a layer  of sugar  on the rice  then  again make a layer of  rice  and  then  add  layer of  the sugar on the rice . Cover the pot  with  the lid  and  cook it  on the low flame  for few minutes. After few minutes  open the lid  stir 2-3 times as sugar melted well with the rice. Mix fresh  curd or  milk  in the rice  to  makes rice soft. cover the lid for  10-15 minutes till it well cooked.when it is done, turn off the heat..... 
 sweet rice , rice , meethe chawal, muslim zarda - biryani
Zarda / Yellow Sweet Rice 
Heat the pure ghee / cooking oil in the pan ... add clove , white cardamom, in the oil and  pour it out  on the  Zarda .Close the lid again .Delicious  Zarda  is ready to be served.  

Take  out  Zarda  in the Dish.Garnish  it  with your favourite dry fruits  and  enjoy the  great feast at home.   

Happy Cooking!!! 
Arshia zaidi      


8-   Carrot Dessert (Gajar ka halwa)

best Indain sweet dishes, best Indian  food , badam, milk, sugar carrot
Gajar ka Halwa(Carrot Dessert)
"Happy New Year ,May this year  brings  lots of happiness and  success in your life".
Lets celebrate this new year with the sweetness of Gajar ka Halwa (carrodessert). Crunchy texture  and awesome  taste  of carrot dessert makes  every one  tempt  for  it. I miss the taste of  Gajar ka halwa  which  my mother  used to cook in the season of winter. 
 I remember, when I was in the hostel, Mummy  used to send huge quantity of Gajar ka halwa  for me   and  my  friends . Now when I cook  this dessert ... for my dear ones,I recall  those precious moments and  feels so touched ......the  way she pampered us by her great cooking.  
  Here  is her recipe of  Gajar ka  halwa  for  my esteemed readers. 
 Gajar, carrot, milk, dry fruits, sugar
 Carrot  boiling in  milk
Category- Indian dessert
Time- 1 hour

 Ingredients -
  • Carrot - 1/2 kg (grated)
  • Full Cream Milk -1/2 k.g
  • Sugar - 23 table spoon 
  • Grated coconut- 2 table spoon
  • Chironji- 2 table spoon
  • Dry fruits-(chopped)- to garnish 
  • gajar halwa , carrot dessert,carrot in milk
    Carrot boiled  in  full cream milk
  • Pure ghee/Cooking oil-2 table spoon
 Put  grated carrot  in thick  bottom wide  pan  and cook it  on the low flame for some  time( approx) 15 min. In between keep  stirring ,when carrot cooks a little and  its  water dries up then add  full cream  milk in  the pan. Mix it well with carrot  and cook it  on the medium flame till it turn soft and  well  cooked .
 Add pure ghee and  sugarand  parch  it  well. When  oil  started  coming  on the  edges of  the  pan, add   grated  coconut and chirounji and mix it well  altogether. Adjust sugar according to your taste and  turn off the  heat. 
 Garnish tastier, healthier  and less oily Gajar ka Halwa  with your   favourite  dry fruits and  enjoy.    
Make sure  .... milk  should not burn on the bottom of the pan, so keep stirring while  cooking . 
Best Indian dessert,  mithaye Best Indian dessert. , best Indian food.
Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Dessert)

Happy Cooking!!!
 Arshia Zaidi

                     7-  Til ke Laddo
winter dessert, best Indian  dessert,  jaggery sweet dish,  til ke ladoo, gur recipe
 Til ke laddoo

Let's  enjoy this  beautiful  winter season  with  delicious  sweet dish.... Jaggery - Sesame seeds Balls (Til ke laddoo). This  is  most  loved   dessert in the season of winter If  you are not feeling like  to eat anything  in the morning  ...just have 1 or 2 ladoo in  the breakfast  with a glass of milk...its very healthy.  You can  Store these  laddoo in air tight  jar for  several days.

  Category- Indian dessert
 Time -  20 min.to 30 min. 

For Til ke laddoo) you will be needing.


  • Jaggery- 1/2 kg
  •  White Sesame seeds ( Safed  Til)- 250 g.m(1 glass apox.)

Roast  white sesame  seeds in the pan  on the low  flame till it turn  pale golden colour not darker

Heat thick bottom  pan  or khadhai on the medium flame . Put  Gur (Jaggery pieces)  in the pan,  let it  melt and keep stirring till it  turns  into thick syrup. Mix  bhuna  safed til  in the Jaggery syrup  and  keep cooking  till it turn  little  brown.  
To check, if it is cooked well or not, you can  drop  a little in the  chilled water , if syrup turn  into a ball , it means  mixture  is done.... if it  is not, cook  it for another few minutes.When the Jaggery mixture  turns pipping hot, start making balls
(laddoo) of it, Grease  your palm, take small quantity  of  mixture   in your  hand  and  make a small size  balls (laddoo). 
til ke ladoo,sweet dish, recipe, how to cook, best indian sweet dishes
Do not  let  this  mixture  cool,  other wise you will not  be able  to make  laddoos ( balls) out  of it . In case  mixture starts  getting cold, just heat it for 1-2 minutes  with continuous  stirring and  make  balls  again.


 best Indian sweet dishes,  jaggery- sesame -seeds, gur , Best Indian food
 Safed Til ke ladoo ( White Sesame seeds balls)

  Happy Cooking!!!
Arshia Zaidi

               6-    Sheer/ Sheer Khurma

 Sheer,   Best sweet  dishes of india , Best indian recipe
Sheer/ Sheer khurma

 Happy Eid to all of you!!! 

vermicelli, siwaiyaan, extra refind vermicelli
Earlier  I shared  Qimami Siwaiyaan (Dry siwaiyaan) recipe  with  you on the  festival of Eid ul fitr. Now Eid ul Zuha is round the corner. I would love to share another  variety of siwaiyaan called sheer or  sheer khurma .
Sheer is another popular  sweet dish  on the festival  of  Eid , which is  delicious  and very easy to cook as well.. 


  •  Siwaiyaan - 1 cup in broken  pieces
  •  Milk -2 k.g
  •  Rice Powder-1 table spoon
  •  Sugar -1 cup
  •  Makhana (fox nut) -hand full 
  •  Chhuhara(Dry Dates) -5 chopped
  •  Dry fruits- pista ,almond, chironji
  •  Hari  ilayachi- Green cardomom 
  •  Chirounji- 1 table spoon
  • rice powder, chawal ka powder
     Rice powder
  •  Grated dry coconut - 1 table spoon 


Put the milk in the deep pan on the  gas stove  and   keep boiling  on the low  flame till  it turns a little thick and pinkish  in colour and reduce 3/4 of its  quantity.  In between  mix 1 table spoon rice  powder in  cold  milk  and   mix it with boiling  milk .  stir continuously.... 
If you mix rice powder in cold milk there would be no lump of  rice  powder . It  mix with  milk easily.
Add broken  siwaiyaan  and sugar. Boil  siwaiyaan  till  it   turn soft and  well cooked. Adjust the sugar as per your taste, and  mix chopped  dry fruits  as per your liking. 

To enhance the flavor of the sheer  prepare the  seasoning /bhaghar  of  makhana,  hari ilayachi, in  hot  re find oil or pure ghee. Take out the sheer in a bowl  and  infuse  bhaghar  in the dish.
Wait  patiently  till the sheer cool. Celebrate Eid  with  family  and friends  with  this  awesome sheer.
Seer, Best sweet dishes,  Best Indian  recipe
Sheer/ Sheer khurma

Happy Cooking!!!
Arshia zaidi
         5- Shahi Toast / Shahi Tukda

 best Indian recipe,  Best Indian  sweet dishes
Shahi Toast/ Shahi Tukda
 fried bread, white  fried  bread
fried Toast
Shahi Toast  is  the dish  which my  mummy` used to cook for my Daddy . This dish is my  father's favourite dish. Although I try  to pamper my daddy  with this Dish , but I still miss  my mother's  taste of Shahi Toast . 
This dish is  very  rich in  calories, so people do not want to  eat it often...  even I enjoy it occasionally.
On special occasions or  formal dinner it goes great.
Yesterday I  invited  newly wed couple at my place for  a formal dinner. We are  quite  close  and  friendly, so I asked them , what they want to  have for  dessert , they said.. Shahi Tukda!

  sugar syrup, chashni,  sugar with water
Chashni (sugar syrup)

Category-  sweet dish/ Indian dessert
People- 6
Time- 1/2 hour approx

For Shahi Toast you will be needing- 
  • White Bread slices-12 pieces
  • Refined oil to fry
  • Sugar-3 cup
  • Milk (full cream)- 1/2 cup
  • (optional)
  • Water -3 glass
  • Saffron  colour- 1/2 tea spoon
  • Fresh cream- one bowl


Cut White bread pieces in triangle shape and  fry it in hot oil  till  it  turn light brown. Take a big pan, prepare the chashni (sugar syrup) with 3 glass of water  and 3 cup of sugar. Add saffron colour to get  the beautiful reddish orange  texture , boil it  till it turn  into sticky sugar syrup (ek taar ki chashni)  and  reduce the chashni  till 1/3 of its  quantity . Now dip fried pieces of bread in the chashni .  let it cool. Take out  sugar syrup soaked bread  pieces in the serving plate ....very gently.  Apply fresh cream on  it and enjoy the delicious  taste of  shahi toast.
best Indian sweet dishes, best Indian  desserts. bread recipes
 Shahi Tukda/ Shahi Toast 

Add half cup of milk in chashni, if shahi toast has  got some  hardness.

 Happy cooking!!! 
 Arshia Zaidi


4-  Qimami sivaiyaan

 eid recipes, best Indian sweet dishes,, Indian dessert
Qimami siwaiyaan
With out Qimaami Sivaiyaan celebration of Eid can not be completed. I have started  missing my mother...who used to cook delicious Qimami  Sivaiyaan on Eid ... I am sharing her recipe of qimami sivaiyaan  with all  of  you on the festival of Eid.

Category - sweet  dish / dessert
Time-45 min.
Serve- 6 people


  • Vermicelli(sivaiyaan)-250g.
  • Sugar-250 g.m
  • Water for chashni (sugar syrup)-1& 1/5 glass
  • Re find oil-2 table spoon
  • Orange colour( orange eatable colour)-1/4 tea spoon
  • Milk 1 cup ( full cream)
  • Grated coconut-1  tea spoon  
  • Buchanania (Chiroji)-2  tea spoon
  • Raisin(kishmish)-1 table spoon
  • Almond(chopped)-1 table spoon
  • Pista( chopped)- 1 table spoon
  • Green cardomom (Choti illayachi)-5 pieces 
  • Clove-2
  • chashni, dry fruits
     chashni for qimami sivaiyaan

 sugar syrup,
sugar syrup for vermicelli,

      eid dishes,
       fried siwaiyaan\ vermicelli 


      Take a  big  pan ,fry  clove  and  white cardamom in  the hot  re find oil, roast  sivaiyaan in the oil  till it turns  little brown.Take  out sivaiyaan in the plate and  keep it aside. In between prepare chashni (sugar syrup) in the pan  with mentioned sugar and  water, add  zard colour(orange colour)in  the chashani... make it boil for  15 minutes.. to get  sticky. add ample  chopped dry fruits in the sugar syrup  as per your choice. 

       best Indian sweet dishes,  eid, recipes
       Qimami siwaiyaan
      Now add  fry siwaiyaan in the sugar syrup....  stir constantly... , cook it on the low flame . Add 2 cup  full cream milk  to soften  sivaiyaan . mix it well and  let the extra chashni  and  milk dry on the medium flame. When it is done... turn off the heat. let  the dish cool.
       eid recipes, best Indian sweet dishes, Indian dessert
      Qimami siwaiyaan
      Garnish it with some extra dry fruits.... enjoy your Eid with delicious Qimami  siyaiyaan.

      Happy Cooking!!!
      Arshia Zaidi      

            3-  Meethi roti/ (Sweet bread)

      Indian dessert , Indian  sweet bread,  Best Indian  breakfast
      Meethi Roti/sweet Bread

      Do you want to have some special  breakfast today ? if your answer is yes... I would like to share a simple, quick  and  delicious dish for your breakfast called Meethi Roti(Sweet Bread).
      When ever ,we all wanted to had some special breakfast ,Mummy served us  meethi roti with salty butter and egg fry. That was the  breakfast we always wanted to have ... happily. Even now my family jumps with joy when i say that 'I am going to cook meethi roti for breakfast.
      so guys...try this recipe of Meethi Roti... you  are going to fall in  love  with  it.


      • Sugar-1cup
      • Whole wheat flour-4 cup(full)
      • Refined oil-2 table spoon
      • Water-1/2 cup
      • Salt-1/2 t.s
      • Ajwain(trachyspermum ammi)-1/4 tea spoon
      • Butter(salty)to apply on  Indian bread (Roti) 

      How to do

      Make a solution of  sugar,  salt  in the above mentioned 1/2 cup of water. 
      Mix well  wheat flour , refined oil and  ajwainin  and  knead the flour  in prepared lukewarm solution of salt  and sugar . Please remember dough should be soft enough to roll a roti,.....you can add some milk to knead soft dough....
      with  hard  sweet  dough ...  it would be difficult  for you  to roll roti. 
      Make   medium size  balls  out of the dough. Dough will be little sticky due to sugar so apply little more dry flour on the balls, then roll a roti.
      In between heat  the pan(tawa) on the medium  flame. Put the meethi roti on -tawa. Cook  it well on the low flame till the roti gets light pink .
       Best Indian breakfast, meethi roti,  Indian SnacksApply salty  butter on the Meethi roti. Enjoy it with  egg fry & hot tea. aha ... ha ...maza aaya na !
      Looking  forward  for your feed back.

      Best Indian breakfast, Indian sweet dishes,  Indian Desserts  snacks
       Meethi Roti/Sweet Bread

      Happy Cooking!!!
      Arshia Zaidi


           2- Chane Ki Daal Ka Halwa (Chick pea dessert)

       Indian sweet recipes, Indian dessert,  mithai , sweet dish
       chane ki daal ka halwa/Chick Pea Dessert

      Chane ki Daal ka Halwa is every body's favourite sweet dish in our family. Mummy mostly prepared  this halwa on the festival of Shab E Baraat. We used to wait eagerly for Shab E Baraat to taste this delicious Halwa. This halwa spread out very pleasant smell which can make anybody crazy to taste it.
      Today I want you to  celebrate your weekend with this  delicious  Indian  pudding. Once you will taste the robust sweetness of this Halwa,you would not resist to have it  again .

      The thing which is most required to cook this dish is Patience as it takes a lot of time to parch... &the fruit of patience is sweet. is n't it?

      For Chane Ki Daal Ka Halva  you will  be  needing.....

       chane ki daal paste,
      Boiled Chick Pea Paste
      Time- 1-hour
      • Chick Pea (Chana daal)- 1/2 kg
      • Milk (full cream)- 1/2 ltr 
      • Sugar-1glass(250gm)
      • Refined oil- 2 cup 
      • Dry Coconut (grated)- 1 cup
      • Buchanania lanzan(Chironji)-50 gm.
      Wash  daal and  soak it  in  water for over night. Put daal and 1-cup milk in  pressure cooker &bring it 2-3 whistle.Turn off the heat. let the cooker lid open it self , When lentil  become  cool, Make paste of boil chana daal with rest of the milk.

      Heat   re find oil/ pure ghee in open  thick  bottom pan or khadhai. Add paste of boil chana daal in oil. Stir continuously  till  milk will be evaporated  and  paste turn brownish or little red. keep the flame low.
      You need to stick your nose several times in the paste to check, as fragrance is coming or not.The taste of this halwa will be depending on parching and its fragrance. Please do not get impatient  to have that smell,otherwise you would  not  be  able to get that natural aroma. 
      After parching well , it's time to add sugar, grated coconut, and  chirounji  in the halwa. Mix it well altogether.Let the sugar  melt completely (you have to stir continuously otherwise paste will start burning in the bottom of the vessel.)

       best Indian sweets , Mithai, Best Indian dessert
       chane ki daal/ Chick Pea Dessert
      Once the mixture starts leaves the sides of pan and oil starts to separate from halwa, it means your dish is ready. Enjoy it  pipping hot. 

      Happy cooking!!!

      Arshia zaidi


                                      1-    Milk Rice Pudding (Rice Kheer )

        Indian pudding, Indian sweets, mithai,
       chawal ki  kheer,/ Milk-Rice Pudding

      kheer (Phirenei) is one of the most popular, common dessert in India.It is a very delicious preparation of rice  and  milk .My mother used to cook huge quantity of this kheer on Hazrat Ali's Birthday(13-Rajab). 
      Try out this recipe of kheer from my mother's  kitchen and make your taste buds dance with this luscious sweet dish. 


        pisa hua chawal / Rice Powder
       rice, chawal
       water soaked rice 

      • Milk full cream- 1 ltr
      • Rice -2  full serving spoon (wash it  and soak it in the water for half an hour,drain out all the water,grind it  to make powder). 
      • Cardamom (crushed) 5-6 piece
      • Sugar -250 g.m or as per your taste 
      • Chironji (buchanania lanzan)-50 gm.
      • Almonds -12(chopped)
      • Pistachio ( pista)- 10-12(chopped)


      best Indian sweet dishes, Indian pudding,
       chawal ki kheer / Milk -Rice  pudding
      Put  full cream milk and cardamom in the thick bottom aluminium  pan & bring it to boil  on the low flame. Add grind ed rice powder gently in the boiling milk.(in between stir frequently,other wise milk may burn at the bottom of the pan.).Boil the milk until it gets thickens, then add sugar,chironji  and  dry fruits in kheer. Cook it for another 10 min. till it turn a  little golden.

       best Indian sweet  dishes , Indian Pudding, mithai
       chawal ki  kheer/ Milk -Rice  pudding
       Pour out  kheer in the bowl & let it cool. Add 4-5 drops of kewada essence/rose water to enhance  the flavour of  the dish.Garnish it with dry fruits. Serve it chilled. 

      Happy Cooking!!!
      Arshia Zaidi


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