Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Kali Gajar Halwa(Black Carrot Halwa)

sweet dishes/ Indian desserts, carrot, gajar
 Kali Gajar Halwa(Black Carrot Halwa) 

Last winter Daddy asked me to cook kali Gajar ka Halwa But At that time Black carrot was not available in the market so I could not make it . This winter when I saw it in the market, I bought it with out any delay. I have cooked and tasted this halwa  for the first time . It's  like melting in your mouth....Awesome flavour, Awesome taste.
Daddy liked it so much. he told me that my great Grand mother Mrs. Kaneez Haider used to serve him this Halwa during the exams due to its nutritious values and mood elevator taste. 

Category - Desserts
Time - 45 minutes
People- 8

  •  Black Carrot- 1 k.g
  •  Full cream Milk - 1 ltr.
  •  Sugar- 2 serving spoons.
  •  Fresh Malai or cream to Garnish
How to Cook -

Wash and Peel Black Carrot. Grate  and let it Boil and cook with milk .Stir it time to time or it will burn on the bottom of the pan. Parch it well .Its done . Enjoy it with fresh Malai or cream.

 Kali Gajar Halwa(Black Carrot Halwa) 

 Happy Cooking!!!
 Arshia Zaidi

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