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Fried Muffins (Vittu Cake)

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Fried Muffins (Vittu Cake)
In our life we meet  many  people, but only few makes a lasting impression, Aunty Safiya qasim (Kasim) is one of them ....  a very soft spoken, and gentle lady. I have great regards for her.Today's recipe is her recipe of vittu cake .... a very  popular sweet snack from south India. when I tasted this sweet snack first time, It gave me a taste of  muffin cake . Here is the recipe....

Ingredients -

  • Maida floor -1/2 k.g Maida
  • Suji (semolina)- 2 Serving Spoon
  • Eggs -5
  • Salt-1 full pinch
  • Baking powder-1/2 tea spoon
  • Sugar - 2 cups (powder)
  • Green cardamom (Green elaichi powder)-1/2 tea spoon 
Fried Muffins (Vittu Cake)

 How to do 
Beat the eggs with sugar powder to get a creamy texture. add Maida floor and other ingredients to make a smooth dough out of it . keep it aside for at least one hour. 
After one hour, make thick chapati out of dough and cut small size circles of it then make a light x mark in the centre of it.
Heat the cooking oil in the thick bottom deep pan and fry them on the low flame till it turn golden brown colour.

Happy Cooking!!!
Arshia Zaidi

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